Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

Our outplacement services go beyond the event of separation and serve as a bridge to your employees' next opportunity, be it a career move or a lifestyle change. We recognize that being separated from a job can be challenging, which is why our professional service focuses on various aspects such as career growth, job search strategies, and understanding unemployment benefits, separation agreements, COBRA, and benefit options.

Outplacement services protect YOUR brand and reduce an adverse impact on your social media reputation. It also assists the separated employee to get employment faster thus reducing your unemployment costs.  Being separated isn’t easy. Innovation Workforce Solutions will empower your separated employees and give them the tools and direction to become hired again. Layoffs can also create anxiety for your current employees and to know their colleagues are getting support from our services will help to alleviate those fears and create future loyalty knowing you provide post-employment assistance.

Innovative Workforce Solutions Group provides the most affordable and comprehensive outplacement package.  It is our goal to provide these personal services at a great value supporting the individual’s career transition while maintaining their self-esteem and satisfaction with your company… either on-line or off.

This package costs $500 per separated employee that participates and includes the following:

-30 daily emails

-4 one-hour live group coaching sessions with Q&A

-Resume review with feedback

- Sample: resume, cover letter, thank you email with feedback

-Links and Tips page

-30 minute one-on-one career coaching session per separated participating employee

- 4 week completion timeframe

We have put together the exciting agenda below that are proven strategies for career success and employment.

Session 1: Live Workshop:

An unemployment benefits registration review

Optimizing Your Resume:

-Getting your resume noticed

-Proper industry formatting / wording

-What to put on a resume

-Writing a cover letter / dos and don’ts

Branding Yourself for Career Success:

-How do potential employers see me?

-How do I market myself in my industry?

-Upping my jargon and utilizing industry trends

-Social media / LinkedIn

-Creating an evolving career formula / assessments

Session 2: Live workshop

Career Exploration Tactics:

-Researching potential companies with open positions

-Networking Strategies

-Navigating job boards effectively / postings

-Volunteerism / Alumni groups / Associations

Navigating an Interview:

-How to present yourself

-Answering tough interview questions correctly

-Negotiating salary / compensation / benefits / perks

-Formulating a thank you note / follow up to the interview

In addition, they will be given the opportunity to book an individual session with us to go over their resume and ask any questions.

At Innovative Workforce Solutions Group, our goal is to provide exceptional personal services at a great value, supporting individuals during their career transition ensuring their self-esteem while satisfaction with your company remain intact.

Ask about our Executive Management Separation Packages and Pre-Rift planning add-ons which can include:





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